ISAN Education is one of the leading and oldest international high-ranking agencies in Australia. Since 2003, ISAN Education has been delivering a wide range of educational and migration services around the world. Over the last 20 years, ISAN Education has counseled over 50,000 Student and Migration clients and placed more than 40,000 clients in Australia and other countries.

Now, we have more than ten branches in Australian major cities and overseas. Our team is highly educated and experienced professionals who can handle very complex cases and deliver the best result. Currently, our core team consists of the following:

Mr Megh Raj Shrestha – (MBA, MACC, M Law) Australia
Managing Director / Senior Migration Agent

Mr Pramej Shrestha, BBSM
Director /Business Development Manager

Ms Prabha Devi Shrestha, MA
Director, Offshore Office

Mr Santosh Kunwar, Graduate Diploma
Registered Migration Agent – Brisbane Office (Sara Consulting)

Abhishek Bhandari, CA
Financial Analyst, Head of Sydney Office

Mr Nischal Sangraula, Master’s Degree
Director – Kathmandu Office

Prof Salman Haider, MA
Director – Dhaka Office

Our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable and we pride ourselves on a responsible and integral approach that delivers optimal service for a nominal fee. We provide the best solutions that take into consideration each and every student’s needs and limitations to assist them in making the best choices. 

Megh Raj Shrestha

Managing Director / Senior Migration Expert (MARN 0322456)
ISAN Education
Sydney Business House Pty Ltd
Mobile: +61 406 066 631

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Megh Raj Shrestha

Megh Raj Shrestha

Managing Director (Founder)
Abhishek Bhandari

Abhishek Bhandari

Director (Sydney)
Prabha Shrestha

Prabha Shrestha

Director (Chitwan)

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