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Student Flight - Australian No 1 Travel Agent

Travel is all about having the time of your life - getting out there and getting amongst it, experiencing new things, going to new places and making new friends. It's about having the adventures that you'll never forget and meeting people that you'll know for a lifetime.

As the youth and adventure division of the Flight Centre Limited group, its focus is travel for students, young people and anyone who seeks a little (or a lot!) of adventure, either at home or abroad.

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STA Travel boasts a worldwide network of more than 450 branches, with more than 100 in Australia and New Zealand. it operates in more than 75 countries across 15 time zones.

It employes in excess of 3000 people speaking over 60 languages. Last year it sent more than 2 million travellers packing and our turnover exceeded USD$1.1 billion worldwide.

In this corner of the world STA Travel’s development over the last 30 years reads like a modern day, rags to riches fairy tale. It started life on campus as a travel service to meet the travel needs of adventurous students in the 1970s.

Entrepreneurial and innovative, it grew both locally and globally throughout the 1980s as STA extended its services beyond the student market alone to cater for young travellers who subscribe to the STA Travel values.

STA Travel is widely acknowledged as an industry pioneer of quality, affordable travel. We have acquired a reputation for unrivalled professionalism and service. For more information and booking please visit to:
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