About Us


International Student Admissions Network (ISAN) is a leading educational agency in Australia and it has worldwide network that provides a highly trusted one-stop support network for international students looking to study in Australia. ISAN is also known as "ISAN Education" which provides a wide range of Student Support Services to international students that cover students’ needs both pre and post arrival in Australia, including pre counselling service for course information, costs, admission and visa process, travel and accommodation, career counselling etc.
ISAN Education is one of the oldest and most successful educational agencies in Australia which was Established in 2005 [Previously known as Integrated which was established in 2003, later name changed].
We are proud that ISAN Education is currently representing more then 100 Australian Colleges and Universities and able to place hundreds of International students every year to Australian Educational Institutions.
ISAN Education's Head Office is located in prime location [Town Hall] of Sydney. It expanded Branch Offices in Adelaide, Brisbane and planning to expand branches in other main of cities of Australia soon. ISAN Education has been recruiting international students from world wide. In order to capture more overseas market, we opened branch offices in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara and expanding branches in other main cities of Nepal. Based on demand of our students and scope, we are planning to open new branch offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Thailand, Dubai in future.
We have a proven track record of enabling thousands of international students to pursue their education dreams in Australia, and have supported them from admission through to completion of their studies. Our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable and we pride ourselves on a responsible and integral approach that delivers optimal service for a nominal fee. We provide bespoke solutions that take into consideration each and every student’s needs and limitations to assist them in making the best choices. Our ISAN Education team is always delivering a friendly, ethical and professional services to international students. Our Educational Counsellors' are fully adhere of Australian Immigration Policies and norms, ESOS Act and National Code 2007. Currently, we have three PIER Qualified Education Agent Counsellors and one Senior Registered Migration Specialist.
• Conducting Seminars/ Educational Exhibitions/ Consultations
• Initial Counselling Services
• Admissions Process to Australian Educational Institutions
• Student Visa Process under direct supervision of Senior Registered Migration Agent
• Travel and Accommodation Assistance
• Student Visa Extension (Onshore)
• Career Counselling
• Skill Development and Job Hunting Training
1. Information: The provision of free and accurate information on available courses and institutions, along with any other relevant details about their studies in Australia
2. Support: Assist students with all essential paperwork that covers admissions and visa processing, plus travel and accommodation
3. Education Training: Provide bespoke career counselling and comprehensive training based upon the student’s unique interests and background
4. Partnerships: Establish genuine affiliation with international education institutes to share information and benefits among agents
5. Growth: Conduct a regular series of seminars, conferences and workshops to promote Australian education and career opportunities to the international market
We strive to provide outstanding international student support services so that we can make a vital deference to talented minds and offer students of all backgrounds the opportunity to be the best that they can be.
• International Student Admissions Network [ISAN] is a trading name of Sydney Busi-ness House Pty Ltd. [ABN: 40 127 356 245
• The Company Director is a Registered Migration Agent [ MARN 0322456], who has been practicing this profession since 2003. He is Senior Migration Specialist and expert in handling Student Visa Process and Visa Cancellation matters.
• All Educational Counsellors fully adhere to the Australian Immigration Policy, Migra-tion Regulation and Act, ESOS Act / National Code 2007, and Admission requirement of Australian University and Colleges.
• Many of our Team are PIER Qualified Educational Agent Counsellors and Highly Expe-rienced
• We do have world wide Network connection and recruiting International Students world widely, not only from particular country or nationality.
• Received many Best Agent Awards from the various Australian Universities and Colleg-es.
• Recruiting Student under guideline of GTE criteria as set out by DIBP.

PIER Qualified Staff

ISAN Education is one of the best Educational Agencies which has large numbers of PIER Qualified Employees. 

1) Ms Prabha D Shrestha [Sydney] - QEAC E172
2) Ms Rajani Prajapati  [Sydney] - QEAC  K156
3) Mr Praveen Bajracharya [Sydney] - QEAC L088
4) Ms Nindra Devi Chhetri [Kathmandu] - QEAC L375
5) Mr Ram Chandra Paudel [Tasmania] - QEAC N793
6) Mr Jagrit Gyawali [Brisbane] - QEAC N786
7) Mr Bhabendra Gurung Chitwan] - QEAC N238 [IMIS/ISAN]