Student Visa Checklist

Assessment Levels and the Student Visa Program

Australian Immigration Department considers each of these student visa applications on their individual merits. Assessment Levels streamline this process, allowing the department to deliver fast and efficient service to clients while maintaining the integrity of Australia's immigration program.

Transparency in visa requirements and consistent decisions are a pivotal part of the student visa program. With visas granted to students from over 190 different countries, Assessment Levels, as an objective measure of immigration risk for each of these student groups, are a key tool in determining visa requirements and enable consistency in decisions across this diverse range of clients.

There are five Assessment Levels in the student visa program. They serve to align student visa requirements to the immigration risk posed by applicants from a particular country studying in a particular education sector. Assessment Level 1 represents the lowest immigration risk and Assessment Level 5 the highest. The higher the Assessment Level, the greater the evidence an applicant is required to demonstrate to support their claims for the grant of a student visa.

What Assessment Level am I?

The passport you hold and the education sector of your principal course will determine the Assessment Level of your visa application.

To identify the Assessment Level for your visa application, match your passport type with the visa subclass for the education sector of your principal course.

The information sheet – Student Visa Program – Assessment Levels contains a list of the current Assessment Levels for all passports and education sectors. Your Assessment Level is the one in effect for your passport and visa subclass on the date that you lodged a valid application with the department.
See: Student Visa Program – Assessment Levels

If your passport is not listed in the table on this document you will be subject to Assessment Level 3. If you are sponsored by AusAID or Defence and are applying for a Subclass 576 – AusAID/Defence student visa you will be subject to Assessment Level 2. [Source: DIAC, Australia]

Before you applying student Visa to Australia, you must know some factual and policy information about Student Visa procedures and requirements [see details]

Checklist for Student Visa to Australia:

Document Checklist for Online Student Visa Applications - Schools Sector (571) – Assessment Level 2 [Checklist]

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Document Checklist for Higher Education Sector: Temporary Visa - (Subclass 573) Assessment Level 4
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