PIER Certification

September 18, 2018

Being a Managing Director of International Student Admissions Network [ISAN], I heartly congratuate to our very dedicated, honest, and more dynamic Student Counsellors, Mr Jagrit Gywali [Bisbane] and Mr Ram Chandra Paudel [Tasmania] for acheiving this PIER Certificate.

Currently, we have 6 PIER Qualified Team under ISAN Education [Sydney Business House Pty Ltd].

1) Ms Prabha D Shrestha [Sydney] - QEAC E172
2) Ms Rajani Prajapati  [Sydney] - QEAC  K156
3) Mr Praveen Bajracharya [Sydney] - QEAC L088
4) Ms Nindra Devi Chhetri [Kathmandu] - QEAC L375
5) Mr Ram Chandra Paudel [Tasmania] - QEAC N793
6) Mr Jagrit Gyawali [Brisbane] - QEAC N786
7) Mr Bhabendra Gurung Chitwan] - QEAC N238 [IMIS/ISAN]

We are very proud of our Qualified ISAN Education Team.