When you have decided

·          which course of study you want to apply for,

·          when you want to start your course, and

·          how and when you want to travel to Australia,

Follow these steps:

1.     Complete the Application Form for the course and educational institution you have selected.

2.     Decide what kind of Visa you intend to apply for and tick the appropriate box on the Application Form.

3.     Fax or mail the Application Form to the educational institution.

4.     You will receive a Letter of Offer from the institution. It will contain details of the cost of your course and tell you how you should make payment.

5.     Carefully check that the information in the Letter of Offer is correct. It is, accept the Offer by paying the fees.

6.     Once payment is received, the institution will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment and a receipt for your payment.

7.     The next step is to apply for a Visa at your nearest Australian Embassy. If you are applying for a Student Visa, you will need to show the Australian Embassy your Confirmation of Enrolment.

8.     Find out from the Embassy how much time they will need to process your Visa application.

9.     Once you have received your Visa, confirm your travel arrangements and pay for your airline ticket(s). Most International Airlines allow you to book your flight well in advance and expect payment only a month before you are due to depart. It is wise to give yourself plenty of time to complete the Course and Visa Application process. A lead-time of 3 months is usually adequate.

10.   If you have asked the institution to arrange accommodation for you, send them your flight details, so that they know when you are arriving.